A Delicious Game.

Laying with Sir cuddled on the bed as the morning sun just started to peek through the blinds. I stretch and feel the delicious ache in my muscles from the night before. Reluctantly, I peel myself out of his embrace, leave the bed as a hot shower is calling my name.

As the shower warms I look at my reflection in the mirror. Faint bruises mark my neck where Sir playfully nipped. A smile crossed my face as I remember him teasing me a bit to get me to push back. Him wanting my bratty side to come out and play. The side of me that pushes back and gets into “trouble”. The part of me that questions everything and won’t go willingly. Yet knows where to draw the line before playfulness just gets mean and disrespectful.

I step into the shower and as the hot water hits my skin I am reminded of all the other places Sir marked as his own. Shoulders sore from arms that were held down by strong hands as I playfully tried to get away from the swinging paddle. The tender backside that met so many delicious strikes that I lost count and we had to start again.

“Bend over the bed Babygirl. We have talked about you talking back several times and what would happen if you did it again” he said.

“ But Sir, I…”

“ No but’s Little one….You knew what would happen.”

I leaned forward over the edge of the bed and Sir slowly pushed my panties down.  I resist and try to get back up as the hard wooden paddle gently caressed my cheeks as Sir rubbed it on the anticipating skin. I am pushed back down on the bed to await my punishment.

“ What happens when you talk back and lie Babygirl?” he said as he brought the paddle back.

“ I get spanked Sir.” and paddle came down with a loud crack. The sound echoed making it sound harsher than it really was but I played along.  After several more swats, I twist and wiggle and start to beg.

“ Please Sir….No more.”  I reached behind myself to try to block the paddle.

“ Tsk…tsk…We can’t have your hands in the way. I wouldn’t want to spank them by mistake” he grabbed my wrists with one of his hands and held them on my back.

“ Count them Little one.” and with that, he started to paddle me again.

Each time the paddle would strike I would count out loud as the heat would spread across my backside. My warmed ass began to lift and meet each strike without me even realizing. Until it became a dance between two lovers instead of just a playful encounter. Breathlessly I try to keep the game doing and count out the strikes but miss causing us to restart the game.

“ …20…” I pant and lift. “ 21…” I am so close to getting off but know that I will have to hold out a bit longer. “…23…”

“ What was that Babygirl?”

Crap…were we on 22 or 24. “ Ummm…24?”  

“ Guess we will have to start again and hope you can stay more focused this time” he states with a light chuckle.


Double crap….now I have to wait even longer for release. Thwack…”1”…lift…pant. I could feel myself getting wetter by the moment. My clit was swollen and needing attention but I had to focus…Thwack…”2”…lift…moan. We continued on until I heard the paddle hit the floor. His hand caressed my ass and gave a tantalizing sting to the already tender area. I practically purr and push back to meet his touch.

“ Please, Sir…I need you.”

“ What do you need …” he asks as fingers slide over my slit gently making their way to the swollen mass of need.

“Please, Sir…” I arch my back trying to make his fingers meet where I need him most.

“ Please Sir…What Babygirl?  I am not sure what you want.” he said as he leaned forward and bite my back. Wicked man…he knew exactly what I meant but was going to make me work for it.

“ Please Sir, fuck me….I need you.”


With that, my hands were released and I was flipped over. Hands and mouths were everywhere as if we couldn’t get enough of each other. No longer just Dom/sub or Husband/wife but two lovers who were in such need for each other it felt as if nothing else mattered and we were consumed in the moment.


I snap back to reality as I hear the shower door open.

“ You were taking a while Babygirl …You ok in here?”  he hummed as he kissed my forehead. He grabbed the soap and began washing my shoulders.

“ Yes Sir…I was just enjoying the memory of last night,” I blushed as his hands work their way down to my breasts. Tight peaks waiting for his deft fingers to pull and tease.

“ Hmm….seems like you might have something else on your mind at the moment.” as he pulls my nipple. His mouth kissing my neck.

“ I think you are right Sir.” as I melt into his embrace.



Masturbation Monday




3 Comments Add yours

  1. missy says:

    Ooo this was indeed a delicious game. I enjoyed the way your characters engaged with one another 😊


  2. Molly says:

    Ohhh so much deliciousness here



  3. Kayla Lords says:

    THIS is my kind of game. And I love when small things like a shower or even putting on clothes help you remember the next day.


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